Project Highlights

Sustainable “+reVALUE” Approach for
Aging Real Estate

Respire Mitaka

As mass production and mass disposal methods are no longer compatible with the times, we utilized the “Refining”, reconstructed construction method, to transform a 44-year-old dormitory into a state-of-the-art rental apartment with minimal environmental impact.

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Protecting and Utilizing Historical Buildings
in Modern Times

Kyoto Tawara-an

We revitalized a Kyoto townhouse teetering on the edge of demolition into a traditional inn where guests can feel the deep history steeped in the traditional architecture (while maintaining zoning compliance).

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Maximizing the Potential of Luxury Residences

TOKI-ON Nishi Azabu
/ The Scape

Two examples of how our creativity and expertise unlocked the hidden potential of trophy assets and multiplied their appeal.

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Addressing Social Issues

Resolving the issue of children on
waiting lists through real estate

To address the significant social issue of children on waiting lists for daycare and other educational institutions, we converted existing real estate space into kindergartens and nursery schools, thereby creating opportunities for a total of nearly 700 children to enter day care.

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Asset Redevelopment through Creativity
and Negotiating Power

H・T Jingu Gaien Building

We took an old building with limited value and analyzed its potential from several different vantage points (such as the characteristics of the land and its future development potential). Through our understanding and persistence, we transformed the asset into something new that will provide value for the future.

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Providing Essential Medical Infrastructure
for Our Super-aging Society

Tokyo Heart Rhythm Clinic
/ medock Comprehensive Medical Clinic
/ Tanaka Sumiyoshi Eye Clinic

Our super-aging society requires local medical institutions where people can receive specialized, advanced medical care without having to go to large hospitals. Based on this premise, we have begun developing highly specialized medical facilities.

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Community Hostel & Hotel
Brand Fostering Connections Between Locals and Travelers


WeBase is a community hostel & hotel brand that fosters connections between locals and travelers. We are developing accommodations that serve as a base for interaction between travelers from around the world and local communities.

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Guaranteeing Essential Power Supplies
for Real Estate Infrastructure
in Everyday Life and Times of Crisis

Emergency LP
Gas Engine Generator

These days, the rapid increase in natural disasters, together with the surge in demand for electricity due to the shift to information technology, have created a situation in which tight supply and demand for electricity is inevitable. As a company that provides real estate services, we have developed our own emergency power generator that can ensure a stable power supply throughout ordinary life and in times of crisis.

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