The 7 RAYSUMisms

  1. Real estate assets that truly benefit our clients are also a boon for society. Real estate assets that truly benefit society are also a boon for our clients.
  2. Leave successes in the past; work backwards from the future. If we do not, we risk failing to create real estate that generates asset value and that is most needed by society.
  3. Throw away the cookie cutter. Each client deserves a unique approach; so too does each property. Each and every case is “haute couture”. We deploy our company’s knowledge and make ideal forms reality.
  4. Do not resist the challenge; rather, embrace it wholly. The other side of difficulty is where new value is born.
  5. Simple scrap-and-builds destroy our society and culture. To preserve what ought to be preserved, we devote ourselves full force.
  6. Sale of a property does not mark the end of our commitment to our clients and our cities. RAYSUM’s true purpose is to provide value over the medium and the long term.
  7. Trust-based relationships with our clients, communities, and society, not to mention among our employees. At RAYSUM, nothing is more important than this.

  • “If others can do it, then we need not do it. RAYSUM is a company that does what others cannot.”

    Koichi Amano (GM, Real Estate)
  • “Many people say to us, ‘How could you possibly spend that much on renovations?’ However, it comes naturally when you set your mind to achieving a certain level of quality. We never compromise on quality.”

    Takayuki Suzuki (Executive Director, Asset Management)
  • “We will always be who we claim to be, and follow through on what we promise to do.”

    Katsunobu Sakai (GM, Marketing)
  • “Many clients say they use our services because they also learn and grow through working together with us. Whenever I have these experiences, I feel it was not simply chance that we met.”

    Toru Usui (Executive Director / Deputy GM, Line Support)
  • “As a professional, I want to be able to answer honestly the classic client question, ‘what can you do for me?’”

    Naoki Katayama (Executive Director / GM, Sales)

*Titles and department names are as of April 5, 2021.