Our Vision

We are


Creating value together that realizes forms meaningful to society by determining the true nature of real estate value.

RAYSUM believes that the client’s vision is a source of value. Our company exists for the purpose of creating shared value while continuing to support clients by gaining a deeper understanding of their vision, sharing expertise among our employees, and delivering a wide range of services.

Our clients find great meaning not just in a property’s profitability but also in its quality and specific details—i.e., the kind of asset in which they have invested their own capital. We take assets whose value has disappeared over time and transform them into unique, highly profitable real estate with meaning for the society of the future, thereby offering stable assets to our clients. That is our mission at RAYSUM.

To achieve this, we never compromise, and we never give up. The flexibility of our organization allows us to put together the best team for each project by immediately calling on the employees with the required skills. Since we have assembled a group of professionals with a strong sense of independence and accountability, there is no place for neglecting our clients’ objectives or working to please the boss rather than the customer. We spare no effort to achieve our goal of creating real estate that will delight both our clients and communities.

As long as our clients are able to achieve a high level of both material and emotional satisfaction through their transactions with RAYSUM, we will be happy.

A leader remaining at the forefront of change:
that is what we aim to be at RAYSUM.

The RAYSUM team