Providing Essential Medical Infrastructure
for Our Super-aging Society

Tokyo Heart Rhythm Clinic
/ medock Comprehensive Medical Clinic
/ Tanaka Sumiyoshi Eye Clinic

Our Advanced Medical Specialists project was born from the ultimate question: “What is a meaningful investment that will be stable over the long term and shines like a diamond for our clients?”

With the aging of society, elderly patients are inundating large hospitals capable of providing the advanced medical care they need, leading to other problems, such as the inability of anyone to make appointments and having to wait for inordinate amounts of time. Moreover, on the medical provider side, young doctors, who will of course be our medical leaders in the future, face a paucity of opportunities in the present to gain the experience they need to become advanced, specialized surgeons.

Based on our orientation around the question of what sort of real estate assets are truly needed in a “super” aging society, we have been conducting research on real estate that specifically allows doctors who excel in advanced medical care to better concentrate on their practice and provide consultation opportunities to a greater number of patients.

As a first step, we invited Tokyo Heart Rhythm Clinic to our property in Setagaya, Tokyo in September 2016. It became our first facility specializing in advanced medical care.

This specialized clinic is headed by Dr. Taishi Kuwahara, an arrhythmia expert certified by the Japanese Heart Rhythm Society (JHRS) specializing in the treatment of all forms of arrhythmia through a variety of innovative methods, such as catheter ablation.

Since its opening in 2016, thanks to the daily efforts of the director and the hospital staff, the hospital has gained the support of many patients and is now one of the leading hospitals in Japan. Even in its first year of operation, the hospital has grown to the point where it can handle hundreds of surgeries annually, thereby becoming firmly rooted in the local medical community.

While located in a handy location for a general clinic, it nevertheless achieves high profitability in terms of investment real estate.

In May 2021, we opened the “medock Comprehensive Medical Clinic” near Meguro Station in Tokyo. Using the “Refining”, reconstructed construction method, established by architect Shigeru Aoki, we renovated the 50-year-old former chapel building into a comprehensive health checkup facility with strengths in cardiovascular systems, especially cardiac examinations.

The clinic is led by Dr. Hisayoshi Suma, a cardiac surgeon who is praised around the world as “a man with the hands of a god.”

Centered on the theme of “customer satisfaction in medical checkups,” we have introduced a system that makes it easy not only to schedule appointments and avoid long waits, but our “medical escorts” will also reassuringly accompany patients throughout the series of medical checkups they may be engaged in on any given day.

Additionally, we also provide customer-oriented services, such as gastrointestinal endoscopy under anesthesia and other “painless medical checkups” by introducing 3D-CT scanning of the colon, also known as “virtual endoscopy.”

Thus far, we have been involved in the opening of three clinics, including the “Sumiyoshi Tanaka Eye Clinic,” which opened in 2019. We will continue to develop highly specialized medical facilities as a profoundly necessary social infrastructure for our super-aging society.

“In a super-aging society, medical experts specializing in diseases that people are prone to experience as they age constitute an essential infrastructure. I hope our efforts here will lead to real changes in Japan’s healthcare.”

Suguru Yoshizawa (GM, Investment Division)
*Positions and departments are accurate as of April 5, 2021.