Asset Redevelopment through Creativity
and Negotiating Power

H・T Jingu Gaien Building

Here, we present to you a case study of taking a small, 60-tsubo (approximately 200-square-meter) property in a very prime location near Gaiemmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line in Jingu Gaien, Tokyo and restructuring it into a long-term stable asset.

The building is long and narrow with an opening of 8 meters and a depth of 26 meters. It is also an old building that often failed to attract tenants and, similarly, was underperforming in generating asset value. Even before we acquired the property, we had discussions with representatives from Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. and people involved in managing the Olympic Games. These relationships provided us great insight—and from every angle—how best to redevelop the real estate located on the sacred land of sports achievement post-Olympics. We negotiated persistently with multiple parties while imagining possible tenants to make our vision a reality.

As a result, we succeeded in aligning the mid-term business strategy of Goldwin Inc., a famous sporting goods manufacturer, with the strategy of DOA, an American athletic training program provider in Japan. These collaborations led to the realization of a completely new sports complex.

The first and second floors serve as the new base for “NEUTRALWORKS. BY GOLDWIN,” the third floor is a training room implementing the NEUTRALWORKS concept, and the fourth floor will be a press room for the Tokyo Olympics. The upper floors are occupied by DOA’s personal training facilities, thereby capping off the creation of a new sports hub in Jingu Gaien.

In addition, we installed a large screen on a highly visible wall facing open public space. The combination of the rent income from excellent tenants and advertising will secure long-term stable income as an asset under management.

This building is a sports hub that can be visited not only by top athletes, but also by the many health-conscious people living and working in the Aoyama/Omotesando area of Tokyo. H・T Jingu Gaien Building is a successful example of how our company’s pride in “intelligence combined with boldness” has produced new value.