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Personal Information Protection Policy

Raysum Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) believes it is important to esteem, among the rights possessed by individuals, the right to protection of personal information. Protecting the personal information of customers is one of the Company’s principles and is also considered a basic social responsibility. We shall thoroughly adhere to laws, regulations and other rules related to personal information, establish a personal information protection policy as follows, and make certain our officers and staff are fully aware of these points.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
The Company shall acquire personal information of customers in an appropriate manner in a range necessary for execution of the Company's business.
2. Specification of the Purpose of Utilization
The Company specifies in advance the purpose of utilization of personal information of customers as follows:
  1. (1) To acquire, evaluate, invest and sell real estate or rights related to real estate
  2. (2) To possess, lease and operationally manage real estate
  3. (3) To develop, prepare, construct and supervise construction design of real estate
  4. (4) To plan, design and execute interior work of buildings
  5. (5) To provide beneficial information related to real estate and such by way of standard mail and such
  6. (6) To possess, lease and manage hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, etc.
  7. (7) To perform management consulting work
  8. (8) To trade, possess and manage securities or what are considered to be securities
  9. (9) To purchase claim and perform representative agent management work
  10. (10) To perform representative agent work of damage insurance
  11. (11) For other purposes for which approval has been given individually by the persons concerned
3. Use of Personal Information
The Company shall use personal information of customers in a range necessary for achieving the purposes of use specified in advance.
4. Disclosure of Personal Information
The Company shall not, on principle, disclose personal information to third parties without the agreement of the persons concerned, but in the case where it is deemed necessary for the achievement of the purposes of use above, personal information maybe be disclosed to a third-party in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
5. Securement of Correct Personal Information
The Company shall endeavor to consistently maintain the personal information of customers in a correct and up-to-date manner.
6. Securement of Safety of Personal Information
The Company shall take organizational, personnel, physical and technological safety management measures to prevent leakage, loss, damage, falsification or fraudulent use of customers' personal information.
7. Appropriate Treatment of Personal Information
The Company, in regard to officers and staff, in addition to performing educational training on protecting personal information, shall establish internal regulations and implement thorough measures to ensure appropriate treatment of personal information during business operations.
8. Proper Supervision of Entrusted Parties
The Company, in the case of entrusting the handling of personal information possessed by the Company, shall perform proper supervision by the methods of regularly performing supervision and such.
9. Adherence to Laws and Regulations Related to Protection of Personal Information and Other Rules
The Company shall adhere to laws and regulations related to handling of personal information and guidelines related to protection of personal information and such in the fields governed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Personal Information Disclosure, etc.; Request Procedures

Regarding personal information possessed by the Company, the procedures for requesting notification of its purpose of use and disclosure of personal data possessed, etc. ("Disclosure Request") are as follows.

Disclosure Requests shall be accepted at the Company's “Personal Information Handling Center” by way of standard mail. Requests by phone, fax or email will not be accepted. In addition, please refrain from conducting Disclosure Request directly at the Personal Information Window since it may cause confusion.

1. Acquisition of Application Documents
Customers who conduct Disclosure Request shall first insert a self-addressed, self-stamped (80 yen stamp), return-mail envelope on which “Request Form for Personal Information Disclosure” is written in red on the front side and mail it to the Company's “Personal Information Handling Center.” We will promptly send a request form for personal information disclosure.
2. Application Method
After completing the necessary items on the request form for personal information disclosure sent to you, please submit it by standard mail in an envelope also containing the documents listed below and a self-addressed self-stamped (430 yen stamp) return-mail envelope. Furthermore, when requesting notification of its purpose of use or disclosure of personal data possessed, please include a fixed-value postal money order in the amount of 945 yen as a fee.
(1) Documents for Identity Confirmation
A copy of one of the following: driver's license, passport, physical disability certificate, alien registration certificate (please submit a duplicate of a part that can confirm your identity). For those who do not have the documents above, copies of two of the following: health insurance card, pension booklet, family register or seal registration certificate.
(2) Certificate of Residence: 1 Copy
  • Note 1: Please attach one acquired within the past 3 months.
  • Note 2: Submission is unnecessary if your alien registration certificate is submitted as an attached document.
3. Disclosure Method
Notification of its purpose of use and disclosure of personal data possessed will be made by standard mail to the address written in the certificate of residence of the person concerned. Furthermore, please be aware in advance that there are cases where disclosure is not permitted by laws and regulations.

Contact for Personal Information Protection

Company Personal Information Handling Center
TEL: +81-(0)3-5157-8890
(Open on weekdays from 10:00am ~ 4:00pm)