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Value Creation Services

We research the characteristics of real estate assets whose profitability and asset value will increase in response to the changes occurring in society, seek out real estate assets that have the potential to fulfill those characteristics, and, based on a self-ownership model, establish conditions that will enable asset value to continuously increase by carrying out sweeping improvements. Even after selling a property, we continue to support the improvement of asset value in alignment with the client’s ownership purpose and objectives.
To offer a wide range of customers the experience of investing in real estate assets created by RAYSUM, we began providing RAYEX, a small-lot product that can be invested in for 50 million yen per unit, in December 2021. For details, see the “Projects” section of our website.

Contact Information for Inquiries about RAYEX
Saori Ono, Sales Division 3, Raysum Co., Ltd.
Phone: 03-5157-8540
Email: rayex@raysum.co.jp

When planning our products, we take the attitude that our past successes and track record may not apply in the future; instead, we plan each project using a 100%- customized “haute couture” approach, with a view to developing real estate that will be needed in the society of the future. We aim to create real estate assets that are useful to society by considering not just the building itself but also various other perspectives, including the surrounding community, collaboration with local government, and environmental conservation.
There are many obstacles to achieving our goals. Among these, usage changes and establishing rights are especially challenging, but we succeed in realizing our projects’ inherent value by combining the knowledge and experience of diverse specialists under one roof. As a result, we create real estate assets that break with convention and continue to pursue value enhancement even after providing them to clients.
Most of our properties are in the range of several billion to 10 billion yen and cover a wide range of fields, including retail buildings, offices, condominiums, and medical, hotel, and educational facilities. Our client base is mainly comprised of high-net-worth individuals but also includes corporate and institutional investors.


Value-Add Services

We provide services such as rental management and building management to maintain and improve the value of the real estate assets we provide to our clients. While continuing to pursue in-depth communication, we propose plans to improve asset value in the future based on their ownership purpose and objectives that also consider the economic climate, surrounding community, etc., and by implementing these, we aim to improve the value of clients’ assets in the medium to long term.
We have leveraged our expertise and track record in this business to develop a small-lot product, RAYEX, with real estate trust beneficiary interest. For details, see the “Projects” section of our website.


Future Value Creation Services

We engage in services targeted toward addressing future social issues by building meaningful assets, such as community hostels, advanced medical facilities for our super-aging society, and emergency power sources in preparation for increasingly frequent natural disasters. The collective experience we possess through our business ventures, including both wins and shortcomings, is utilized in both our creativity and proposals for future value creation and value-add services.